Above; Lake Erie Sunset courtesy of  R.Frank Photography

Above; Lake Erie Sunset courtesy of R.Frank Photography


Dreaming the life; living the dream.


Carinne is on a mission to explore the Earth we call home. Searching for perspective, authenticity, synchronicity and movement, Carinne captures decisive moments in nature & human experiences. Through stimulating the visual senses with techniques such as HDR, long exposures / time lapses, & wide angle panoramas / 360°s, Carinne aspires to spark adventurous & creative interactions with our environment while sharing the love & light in her own photographic observations.

Chasing the dream, Carinne continues to explore every step forward by following the path which opens beneath her feet.



While sitting on the sidelines, photographing a Penn State football game in 2007, Carinne ignited a spark that blazed into a fiery passion. This passion, coupled with the love of skiing, would lead her across the country; first to Colorado & then to California.

She has imprinted her talents on a variety of projects from playing with tourists in the snow to create memorable souvenir portraits & action shots, contributing photographs to a variety of publications since 2007, to most recently, interactive virtual tours of remarkable places across California. One of the first tour projects she graced with her photoshop expertise helped win the 2011 Advertising Age Media Vanguard Award for Best Virtual Reality Innovation.  She also envisioned & executed the first action sequencing spliced into a 360° image.

Elevated Photographic was born out of a desire to share the love of adventure, travel, culture, and the interesting characters collected along the journey.  



First and foremost, Carinne grew up surrounded by music, art, & creativity thanks to her mother, Renda Greer Knight; whose inspiring spirit continues to live on from the other side.  Renda was a talented pianist, folk painter, & an imaginative teacher that touched countless lives with her kindness, love, & beautiful heart.

Other influential artists include: Ansel Adams, Josef Sudek, Frantisek Kupka, Alphonse Mucha.